CPResearch started its business at 1997. With 10 more years accumulated experiences, CPResearch has set up its national network with high quality. CPResearch has always been unique because of its strengths.  
National Coverage
  CPResearch headquartered in Beijing, with affiliated agencies in all large cities, 90% of middle cities, 70% of small cities, and 30% of country sides.
Diversified Methodology
  Find the right tool for the right job. CPResearch provides clients with different methodology to better satisfied their special needs for data collection.
Strict Quality Control
  Quality is our life, all CPResearch employees keep this in mind when they came into this company. CPResearch has put a lot of efforts on quality. It is CPResearch unique strength.
International Standard
  CPResearch has experienced, well-trained professionals who have harvested information from across mainland China for 10 more years. CPResearch provides both qualitative and quantitative services to oversees partners, has expertise in many different industry sectors.

  Fieldwork Services

Geographic Capability

Quality Control

Face to face interview

Telephone Interview

Internet Survey

Focus Group

In-depth Interview

Gang Survey


Panel Management
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